Close Password Reset Steps


So you need to change your password?

Whether it is due to an account compromise, a memory lapse, or just a desire to improve account security, many players find themselves needing a new password from time to time. This step by step guide should help clear up any confusion which you may have. Hopefully this guide will also address the mistakes which players most often make during this process.


Method 1: Changing the Password in your settings. 

In most cases a player can simply log in to and change the password in their account's settings.

As long as you have your current Password, this is definitely the easiest method.


But what if you do not have your current password?

Method 2: Changing your password using our Forgot Password link.

If you no longer know the original password associated to the account, there is still a method available for you to recover your account on Be sure to Log out of any and all or accounts before you begin this process. If you do not, it is very likely that the password reset email will either fail to arrive, or the link will simply redirect you to a blank page.

Step 1:

Head over to and select the Log in Option

Step 2: 

Select the "Forgot Password Link" at the log in screen.


Step 3: 

Use the Email address which is currently associated to the account to request a password recovery email.

Step 4:

Check your email for a message from KIXEYE, the email should have the subject "Reset Password", and that email will include a link to a secure form to reset your password. Be sure to check your email quickly as This link will only be active for 2 hours.

Step 5: 

That link will take you to a secure page on, once you are there you simply need to select a new secure password and verify it.

At this point you should be finished, and that new password should be ready to go. Once it's set simply head back to the log in screen and use your new password along with your current Email address or username to log in!

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