Latency/Connectivity (Lagging)

If you are experiencing issues with loading into the world map, unresponsive units in combat, blue/white screens, or being stuck in battle, the following steps will help decrease these issues from continuing:


  • Make sure you clear your browser's cache as well as your Flash player's Cache often.

    You can find steps for clearing your cache by following this link:

  • Plug an Ethernet Cable directly into your modem and bypass your router. A hardwired connection will also be much faster than wireless so jacking in directly can improve performance.
  • Power Cycle your Modem by unplugging it, and waiting about 30 seconds to plug it back in. This will renew your connection and can improve performance quite a bit.

  • Make sure your connection, if wireless, is secure to block others outside of your network from using your bandwidth.
  • Limit the amount of excess applications which you have running during gameplay, such as Skype, Ventrillo, Teamspeak, or media players
  • Limit the amount of streaming that you or anyone else on your network have running during gameplay, such as YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, Vimeo, Iheart Radio, or torrents.  This also includes updates and downloads to video game consoles.
  • Make sure that during your time playing any KIXEYE game that you do not have any of the following running: System updates, anti-virus scans or updates, patch downloads for games, or Java updates


If you perform these steps and are still having issues with latency and connectivity to the internet there are a few tests which you can run to help test your download speed and latency. Please check out the following article for details: 

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