Why hasn't the gold I purchased on Facebook shown up in my account yet?

If you have purchased gold for War Commander but it has not shown up yet, please keep in mind that there may be a delay between when the Gold was purchased and when the Gold shows up in your KIXEYE game. During the peak times of high concurrency (when the most users are logged in), there can be a delay of up to 4 hours.

If the gold you have purchased has not shown up after 4 hours, first take the steps of clearing your browser's cache and refreshing. If it is not showing up after that, check your Facebook account history to determine if the purchase was successful. To do so, click the drop down arrow next to your messages and notifications.

Then Click Settings

From there, choose Payments, and then Purchase History. 

If the purchase is not showing up in your purchase history, it failed and you were not charged. If it does show up, you will need to follow up with Facebook as they handle all payments on that platform. You can do so by following this link:

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