How to submit a support ticket through Facebook

To submit a support ticket with KIXEYE, do so here.

Alternately, you can submit a ticket while playing the game on Facebook by following the steps below:

  1. Click "Report/Contact" link found on the bottom right hand side of the page underneath the Facebook sponsored advertisements.
  2. Choose the option appropriate to your issue under the "Contact the Developer" section of the pop up; click "Submit." NOTE: Choosing the "I didn't receive my in-game item or virtual currency" option will take you to a Facebook page for submitting a credit dispute, but will not allow you to submit a support request to us directly. For more information on submitting a credit dispute through Facebook click here

This will land you on the main KIXEYE support page for War Commander. Feel free to read through one of the many help articles found here to see if there is one for your specific issue. If you still need assistance, click on the "Get Support" button to submit a ticket or the "Ask the Community for Help" section to get help on the forums; both are found on the bottom right hand side of the page in the "Need More Help" section.

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