War Commander Damage Protection FAQ

What is Damage Protection?

Damage Protection, also known as a "bubble," is a shield that forms around a base when enough damage is dealt in a PvP attack. As long as Damage Protection is active, that player's base may not be attacked. Any deposits or platoons they control on the World Map may still be attacked. Damage Protection is visible to all players; when you're looking at a bubbled base, the bubble will be a different color depending on your relationship with that player. For example:

Your Base will appear blue when you view it on the world map...

Your friends Bases will appear greeen...

...and your enemies' bases have red bubbles.


You can check how much time remains on your Damage Protection by entering your base and looking in the upper right. The timer will not appear if you do not have Damage Protection.


How to gain Damage Protection

New bases automatically receive 7 days of Damage Protection. This gives you time to get your base established before having to repel enemies. This is the only instance in which Damage Protection is not caused by battle.

The rest of the time, the duration of the Damage Protection your base receives is determined by the amount of damage dealt to your base in the attack. Health of the Base Defense platoon and the walls is not counted; only the health of the Buildings in the base are included in the calculation.

Less than 50% damage: No Damage Protection

Between 50% and 75% damage: 18 hours of Damage Protection

Over 75% damage: 36 hours of Damage Protection

If the attacker does enough damage to trigger Damage Protection, the Damage Protection will be applied as soon as combat ends.

Players cannot purchase Damage Protection from the store in War Commander.

During our Warpath events, Damage Protection lasts only 4 hours. This is unique to the Warpath event type.

How to lose Damage Protection

The most common way to lose Damage Protection is by allowing the timer to expire. There is no way to extend Damage Protection, so the base will be vulnerable to attack even if it has not fully repaired while under Damage Protection.

If a player under Damage Protection attacks another player's base, platoon, or deposit, their own Damage Protection will end early. Players refer to this as "popping" your bubble. Attempting to attack any of these target types will prompt a warning with the time remaining on the Damage Protection.

Just clicking "Attack" will drop the attacker's Damage Protection, regardless of the outcome or even if any platoons are deployed in the fight, so don't click that "Attack" button unless you're ready to go! 

Attacking a Rogue Base or an Event Base will not end Damage Protection. As long as you're not attacking another player's assets, your Damage Protection will count down normally.

Cooldown Period

If you end your own Damage Protection by attacking another player's assets, it will not reactivate for 10 minutes. This means that if you pop your own bubble, you can hypothetically be attacked by multiple opponents during that cooldown period.  


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