How to Clear Your Browser and Flash Cache

If you are having trouble loading the game you may need to clear your Browser and Flash Cache.


Browser Cache

Mac users: Have a look at this video for instructions to clear your Browser cache.

PC users: please follow these instructions to clear your browser cache:

1. Press CTRL + ALT + Delete on your keyboard. This should prompt a dialogue box to open.

2. Make sure you check the boxes to clear your cookies and cached files. Make sure you set the time range to clear the files entirely from the beginning of time.

3. Select "Clear browsing data" and that's finished!


Flash Cache

  1. Click this link to Adobe Macromedia
  2. You will see the Settings Manager
  3. Click on the "Website Storage Settings" tab (it's the one with the Folder as an icon)
  4. Click "Delete all sites" and confirm
Increasing Flash Storage:
  1. Additionally, you should access the "Global Storage Settings" tab (it's the one with the folder and the world icon)
  2. Slide the bar to increase the amount of storage your flash player can utilize
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