Latency/Connectivity (Lagging)

If you are experiencing issues with loading into the world map, unresponsive units in combat, blue/white screens, or being stuck in battle, the following steps will help decrease these issues from continuing:


  • Plug an Ethernet Cable directly into your modem and bypass your router.
  • Make sure your connection, if wireless, is secure to block others outside of your network from using your bandwidth.
  • Limit the amount of excess applications which you have running during gameplay, such as Skype, Ventrillo, Teamspeak, or media players
  • Limit the amount of streaming that you or anyone else on your network have running during gameplay, such as YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, Vimeo, Iheart Radio, or torrents.  This also includes updates and downloads to video game consoles.
  • Make sure that during your time playing any KIXEYE game that you do not have any of the following running: System updates, anti-virus scans or updates, patch downloads for games, or Java updates


If you perform these steps and are still having issues with latency and connectivity to the internet there are a few tests which you can run to help test your download speed and latency:

  • Running a diagnostic test to will tell you your current latency and bandwidth results to These results are often more accurate then a simple ping test as those ping tests are run to nearby servers by default. They can't help reveal issues in connections to other sites. If your latency result is over 150ms or the bandwidth result is below 1.0 Mbps, this may be indicative of a connection issue. Contact your ISP.

  • Run a traceroute to the following routes. Traceroutes will track your Internet connection from your computer to us, and look for any hangups. If you notice any large numbers (150+ ms) at any of the stops, or if you don't get a number as a response (i.e. if you get just stars), then your loading issues could be caused by connection trouble. Contact your Internet Service Provider to see if they can assist you in resolving this. You can find instructions on the "How to Run a Traceroute" knowledge base article.
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