Fixing Damaged Units Stuck in platoons or Raiding Platoons

Greetings Commander,

We have received a number of reports of users with damaged Special Forces units stuck in their platoons, base defense or Raiding Parties. We are currently working to resolve these issues and we appreciate your patience as things progress. For now there is a work around you can use in base to resolve the issues in most cases.

1. Identify the damaged units in the platoon.

In this case we can see the units causing the problems are Advanced Preservers with no equipment. 


2. Use the Workshop to put a schematic with a unique icon onto the units which are damaged and stuck in your platoons. This will allow you to quickly identify any duplicates if that is the issue.

(Adding the neon pistol icon to the units which might be our duplicates.)

4.Go back to the Platoon or Raiding party with the damaged units stuck in it to confirm they have been tagged.

(Yes! It worked, all of the problem units are tagged.)
5.Go through all of your other SF to find all the units which are now tagged like this, they may be in other platoons, storage, or your base defense structures.

6. Once you have all of these units in Storage, put all of them into another platoon.

7. Once they are all in a platoon, repair that platoon fully.

8. Once all of those units are repaired, go back to the platoon which had damaged units stuck in them. The units should now be repaired and you should be able to disband and reform your platoons.


We appreciate your understanding as we work to put a final fix into place for this issue, and we hope these steps help in the meantime!

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