KNOWN ISSUE: Onetime use units in Defensive platoons.

During the last Warpath and PVP season we saw quite a few complaints of players using platoons stocked with one time use zombies in defense. Particularly the Zombie AA units in a base defense platoon are a very powerful, very low cost defensive system. The game team is investigating the best way to make these units less disruptive for future PVP events. However, at this point it IS LEGAL AND NOT AN EXPLOIT to use these platoons to defend the base. This is not cheating, we will not be reviewing individual cases. We are aware of the situation and will be making specific changes to make those units more balanced in the future, as of now the game team is in the process of deciding how best to make those changes so as to create as little disruption as possible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as this matter moves forward.

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