Moving Platoons on the map

What's the furthest distance my platoons can go?

There is no maximum distance a platoon can travel. They can travel to any open hex on the sector map.

When moving units to a hex, what happens if someone else gets there first?

When more than one platoon move to the same hex, the first platoon to arrive occupies the hex and others should jump back to the nearest open hex along their path. More often than not, this will be an adjoining hex to the one they were traveling to.

Can my platoons be attacked while they are in transit on the map?

No, you cannot be attacked while moving.

How can I find a location quickly without click and drag?

Just type the coordinates into chat, and it will turn it into a link that you can click to jump to that location. The format is 123,123:


You can also use the "Recon Satellite" button to find points of interest on the map!

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